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A greener future starts here.

Reimagining Downers Grove for

the next generation.

Upcoming Events

February 27– Greener Grove Monthly Meeting: Making the Switch to Solar 

Downers Grove Public Library – 7-8:30pm


March 26– Greener Grove Monthly Meeting: Introduction to Native Plants 

Downers Grove Public Library – 7-8:30pm

About Greener Grove

Downers Grove is the home we all share. We're a grassroots group of neighbors who want to protect, preserve and create a cleaner more vibrant community where we can all thrive. 

It Takes a Village

If we want to see real change, we need everyone to work together. Whether it's voting for local candidates who are interested in climate action or signing petitions in support of green legislation, you can make a world of difference.

A Cleaner Future

When you imagine the future of Downers Grove, what would you like to see? Recycling and compost bins downtown? Electric car charging stations? No more styrofoam takeout containers? More green space? A zero waste store? The possibilities are endless. We want to hear from you!

Green Resources

Give items you no longer use a new life. Check out our list of the nearby organizations that re-sell, re-use, and recycle. Have one to add? Let us know.

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