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Make your piece of Downers Grove more sustainable with these educational resources and support from local organizations.

SCARCE - Addison, IL

Scarce focuses on repurposing items for their highest good. For example, spent gift cards become guitar picks for an organization that teaches guitar lessons to veterans. Accepts books, records, crayons, and so much more. Check their website for more information:

Shred Spot - Northbrook, IL

Paper shredding services where individuals and businesses can drop off papers for shredding. Shredded documents are then packed into bales which are then sold to manufacturers of boxes, toilet paper, paper towels, and other recycled paper goods. For more information visit:

Electronics Recycling Center - Burr Ridge, IL

Accepts many types of electronics from computers and circuit boards to blenders and Christmas lights. Open Monday through Friday, no appointment needed. Find the full list on their website:

Give Back Box - Online

Reuse the boxes your purchases come in to ship clothes, accessories, and household items to charities near you. Go to to print a label or find a drop off location.

Free the Girls - Online

Accepts new and gently used bras, sports bras, camisoles, and nursing bras  to help support survivors of trafficking in the developed countries they serve. For more information visit

The Wasteshed - Chicago and Evanston, IL

Collects reusable art supplies and school materials that are then made available to teachers and other organizations who want to create art sustainably and at a low cost. Learn more at

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange  - Chicago, IL

Redistributes donations of clean, safe working materials, supplies, and equipment to Chicago teachers, nonprofits, arts, and community groups. Learn more about how you can donate at

This is a good start, but by no means an exhaustive list. If you have something to add, please contact us at

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