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September 25th Meeting Recap

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Summer often has a way of slowing things down a bit as we enjoy longer days, impromptu get-togethers with family and friends, and time for outdoor activities like gardening and biking. Greener Grove has been on a summer schedule as well - though not slowing down at all!

At our September 25th general meeting, each of Greener Grove’s four subgroups shared what they’ve been working on and some ideas for what’s next…

Community Activism - We’ve continued to connect with others in our community at the YWCA Farmers Market. On September 9th, we invited visitors to our booth to make leaf rubbings and learn more about how to identify trees in our area. We also hosted a tree walk and composting event.

Greener Grove Composting Event

Leaf Rubbing from Sept. 9 Farmers' Market

Political Partnerships - We’ve been a constant presence at Village Council meetings these past months advocating for including environmental sustainability initiatives in the Village’s long-range plans. Participating in discussions - both listening to others and sharing ideas - has had a positive impact: The Village Council has agreed to create a sustainability plan, reinstate the Environmental Concerns Commission, and add a staff person to support sustainability initiatives.

Projects - We spent a good portion of the meeting brainstorming ideas for future events, including a native plant sale and hosting a movie night featuring a sustainability-themed film. We also discussed future guest speaker topics, including how to select a residential solar energy company and how to sort recyclables (what can go in the blue bins and what are the options for plastics that are not recyclable). Partnering with other organizations in the community, like the Downers Grove Organic Gardeners (, who share our commitment to the environment can help us reach a broader audience and leverage resources.

Communications - Early on this year, we focused on building our website. The site will continue to evolve as we add content. Stay connected with the Greener Grove community through our e-newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already!) and by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Join us for Greener Grove’s Next General Meeting - Monday, October 23, 2023 at 7pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church located at 1125 Franklin, 3rd Floor (accessible via stairs or elevator), Downers Grove.

Get involved - join a subgroup - email us at to let us know what subgroup you would like to connect with - you can join more than one!

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