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July 17th Meeting Recap

We are on a roll here at Greener Grove! Our numbers are growing as we make connections with others in our com

munity who are interested in creating a cleaner, greener community.

At our July 17th general meeting, each of the four subgroups shared an update on what they’ve been working on…

Community Activism - Over the last month, we’ve raised our visibility and had great conversations with visitors to our tent at Rotary Fest and the YWCA Farmers Market. We shared information on earth-friendly lawn care techniques from The Conservation Foundation and Best Bee Brothers. We will be at the Farmers Market again on September 9th from 10am - 12pm.

Political Partnerships - Downers Grove joined the Greenest Region Compact. We continue to work with PDHA (Pierce Downers Heritage Alliance) to advocate the Downers Grove Village Council for participation at the highest level and attend Village Council Meetings. In addition, we are connecting with council members on the topic of re-activitating - and staffing - the Environmental Concerns Commission.

Projects - We have an ever-growing list of projects aimed at re-imagining a greener Downers Grove. That said, one priority is to build a strong foundation. This includes becoming a 501c3 organization, connecting with similar organizations in neighboring communities to share knowledge and resources, and brainstorming possible fundraisers to help finance future initiatives. We recently visited SCARCE where we learned more about the work of this organization and connected with other grassroots organizations in our area.

Communications - Over the last few months, we’ve launched the Greener Grove website, introduced our new logo, and become the touchpoint for those interested in becoming involved with the organization. Stay connected with the Greener Grove community through our website and e-newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already!).

Join us for Greener Grove’s Next General Meeting - Monday, August 28, 2023 at 7pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church located at 1125 Franklin, 3rd Floor (accessible via stairs or elevator), Downers Grove.

Get involved - join a subgroup - email us at to let us know what subgroup you would like to connect with - you can join more than one!

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