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Greener Grove at the Farmer's Market

We had a great turnout at our first Greener Grove Farmers' Market stand. We were graced with a spot right at the entrance, and had the chance to speak with many community members. 30 residents signed up for our email list to receive action items and updates to

Michelle, Noelle, Becca, Carol, Suzanne, not pictured Barbara and Louise

their inbox. Welcome to those of you who have joined us! The more people we have working together, the more impact we can have on making Downers Grove an environmentally-friendly place to live.

Greener Grove Intern Becca, along with her friend Noelle, distributed signs to the vendors at the Farmer's Market. They asked vendors to post these signs in an effort to reduce single use plastic in our community (see image below). They also ran a kids’ craft where they wrote down their idea of a greener downers grove on the back of a CD (used, donated by SCARCE) and hung it on our Greener Grove tree.

Noelle and Becca take on the Farmers' Market

What would you do to make Downers Grove greener?

Children write down their idea of a greener Downers Grove on the back of a CD (used, donated by SCARCE)

Greener Grove Teens asked vendors to display this sign

We are looking for volunteers to help us run this booth at our next Farmers' Market appearances: September 9th and October 14th. Contact us at for more info!

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