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April 24th Meeting Recap

Greener Grove held its first meeting in January and has hit the ground running! In the past several months we've:

  • Connected with a growing circle of friends, neighbors, and other organizations in Downers Grove who are committed to the idea that we can all make a difference in protecting, preserving and creating a more green community.

  • Reached out to candidates in the April 4th election to ask about green initiatives they would put in place if elected and shared their responses with our community.

  • Launched the Greener Grove website as a community hub for keeping folks up to date on local initiatives, events, and resources to tap into and take action on as we all reimagine a greener future for Downers Grove.

Greener Grove is organized into four subgroups - members can participate in one or several! The subgroups are:

  • Community Activism - Engages with our community through tangible actions. Coordinates the ongoing activities of the group. These actions further our group's goals and mission.

  • Communications - Promotes the work of the group to raise awareness and participation.

  • Political Partnerships - Steers the group’s efforts to collaborate with community leaders. Monitors the ongoing political activities within the community and manages our voice to enact sustainable environmental action.

  • Projects - Drives the regular selection of directives taken on by the group. These larger projects, taking a year or more, are selected by the full group to represent the interests of the membership. These initiatives and activities are driven by our goals to achieve a “Greener Grove”.

View the slides from our April 24th meeting here.

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